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When most people refer to Encanto they actually mean the Encanto Neighborhoods planning area which is comprised of eight distinct residential communities in southeast San Diego. These are: Lincoln Park, Chollas View, Valencia Park, Emerald Hills, Alta Vista, Broadway Heights, O’Farrell and Encanto.

The area is bordered by the Interstate-805 in the west, National City and Paradise Hills in the south and southeast, Lemon Grove in the east and Highway-94 in the north. The combined population of all eight communities that make up the Encanto Neighborhoods planning area is 47,361 (2010 estimate).

The neighborhood of Encanto is the oldest of the eight and was first developed in 1907. It is split into North and South Encanto by Broadway Street which cuts it across the center. Initially developed for small farms and suburban homes, Encanto today is a low-density residential community comprising mostly of single family homes.

A Community With A Bright Future

As of 2015 Encanto is undergoing a major redevelopment program that plans to revitalize the all its communities by expanding retail, commercial and light-industrial zones along major streets. It also aims to restore native vegetation and provide safe recreational and natural open spaces for residents. The project, called the Chollas Creek Enhancement Program, is currently underway.

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Address Price Beds Baths Sq. Ft.
386 Falconfire Way $465,000.00 4 2 1511 Details
7902 Shorewood Dr $318,250.00 3 2 1733 Details
554 Kirtright Street $495,000.00 4 2 1232 Details
6769 Charlene Ave $490,000.00 3 2 2166 Details
6442 Edmonds St $490,000.00 3 2 1972 Details
933 Kelton Rd $375,000.00 3 2 1254 Details
1106 57Th St $458,000.00 5 3 1615 Details
6491 Scimitar Dr $505,000.00 5 2 1776 Details
6384 Madrone Ave $388,000.00 3 2 1599 Details
5285 GROVELAND DRIVE $415,000.00 3 2 1200 Details
7244 Danawoods Ct $526,000.00 4 3 1797 Details
142 Coolwater Dr $510,000.00 4 2 1988 Details
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