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Located just 10 minutes away from downtown San Diego is Kensington, a quaint residential community home to some 6,658 people (2010 census). Covering just over 1 square mile, Kensington is bordered by Interstates 15 and 8 in the west and north, El Cajon Blvd in the south and Fairmount Ave in the east. Kensington is closely associated with Talmadge, another residential community in its eastern border. The two communities are grouped into one for city planning purposes.

The first residential units in Kensington started going up in the 1910s when San Diego land developers started buying land in the area. The earliest homes featured a Craftsman style design, which was all the rage at the time. The 1920s saw an influx of Spanish Revival style homes throughout Kensington. Maybe of these early properties still exist today and are a large part of Kensington’s old-world charm.

Initial construction centered in and around Kensington Park and expanded outward as developers purchased more land. Kensington Manor, located north of Kensington Park, was the first major acquisition, followed by Talmadge Park, Kensington Heights and Kensington Park Annex. These areas eventually became incorporated into the City of San Diego in 1952. Kensington gets its name from the London district of Kensington and many of its streets are named after those in the UK.

Today Kensington is an upmarket residential community with many of the charms and quirks of a small town, despite being located a mere 10 minutes drive from downtown San Diego. Withstanding the relentless march of progress and modernization over the years, Kensington has managed to hold on to its reputation as a peaceful enclave of charming old-style homes.

Kensington’s small business district runs alongside Adams Avenue - the famous Kensington neon sign is also located here. Detached single-family homes dominate Kensington's real-estate market. House prices are somewhat above the San Diego average – the median sale price for a home in Kensington was $773,000 in June 2016. The median sale price for all of San Diego in the same period was $526,000.

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Most Recent Sales in Kensington

Address Price Beds Baths Sq. Ft.
4365 Alder Dr $870,000.00 3 2 1110 Details
4630 Biona Dr $820,000.00 3 2 1503 Details
4165 Hilldale Road $865,000.00 2 2 1748 Details
5034 Bristol Rd $1,145,000.00 3 2 1687 Details
4202 Norfolk Terrace $1,100,000.00 4 3 2228 Details
4330 Meade Ave $800,000.00 2 1 800 Details
4347 Caminito de la Escena $599,000.00 4 2 1667 Details
4117 Lymer Dr $1,725,000.00 5 5 3222 Details
4406 Copeland Ave $624,000.00 2 1 874 Details
4738 Kensington $1,065,000.00 3 3 1825 Details
4602 Marlborough Drive $1,300,000.00 4 4 3093 Details
4824 Hart Drive $1,049,500.00 4 2 1787 Details
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